The Gattico Rugby Club (GR) is an amateur sports association that operates, as per the Statute, in the sporting, recreational and cultural sectors, with the aim of developing and spreading rugby understood as a means of psycho-social training. morality, as a school of sport and a school of life.
In carrying out its activity, the Gattico Rugby Club wants to adopt a code of conduct which managers, coaches, parents and athletes inspire their actions and behaviors.

In addition to the Statute, the conditions of the Code of Conduct are:
the “Mission” of the Association itself (“Educate and train our kids with the values and spirit of rugby: Friendship, Fun, Loyalty and Respect”) the lines traced by the European Code of Sports Ethics (EU – Fair play) the Charter of the Rights of the Child in Sport (UNESCO, Service des Loisirs, Geneve, 1992), which provides:

• Right to have fun and play like a child;
• Right to play sports;
• Right to benefit from a healthy environment;
• Right to be treated with dignity;
• Right to be trained and surrounded by qualified people;
• Right to follow training sessions suited to one’s own pace;
• Right to compete with young people who have the same chance of success;
• Right to participate in appropriate competitions;
• Right to practice sports in maximum safety;
• Right to have rest times;
• Right not to be a champion.